Last updated:  February 22th, 2022

Data Protection Policy Declaration

This Data Protection Policy contains information on how your personal data is processed and what rights you have with regard to data processing on our website.


The protection of your personal data is a matter of great importance to Nomfro Technologies. This Data Privacy Statement applies to the processing of your data, namely your personal data, via the Internet page NOMFRO.COM, NOMFROHOST.COM including all of its subdomains and subpages (platform).


Customer Account

When ordering on our platforms, you may open a customer account. In this respect, the data entered during the setup of and possibly later via forms in the customer account, or legal person who forwards orders and contracts to Nomfro Technologies, concludes said orders and contracts and in whose name the Nomfro Technologies ac- count is registered.


Domain owner

The natural or legal human being who is registered as the owner of the domain.


The person who uses the  services offered by Nomfro Technologies.  The user can be any third party authorized by the account holder.

Nomfro Technologies Control panel

Password-protected area of Nomfro Technologies and management interface for the account holder or user.

Contacting us

When you contact Nomfro, we will use some of your personal data to process your request and any follow-up questions, to implement measures prior to entering into a con- tract and, where no contractual partnership exists, to reply to your question within the scope of our legitimate interests.


We will send you e-mail containing information about new Nomfro Technologies’ products and services to the e-mail address provided by you, if you ticked the consent checkbox during the registration process or on the Controlpanel of your Nomfro Technologies account. In order to provide you with customized information, we process your e-mail address, name, address and the products purchased by you from Nomfro Technologies.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe highlighted button or text in the newsletter and/or in your control panel.

Contract fulfillment and creating an account

Nomfro Technologies process the data provided by you upon entering into a contract with us or when creating an account for the purpose of fulfilling and managing the contract and for customer service. Without this data, we are not able to enter into a contract with you, nor can we perform services.

SMS & E-mail verification

Where free promotional offers are concerned, Nomfro Technologies processes your contact data and sends a text message to the phone number or email provided by you to verify the account holder. Nomfro Technologies has a legitimate interest in ensuring that the free promotional offer is not used for improper purposes.

Use of the website

We use log files to process your visits to our website. We have a legitimate interest in processing this information, as it not only enables us to offer you support, but also serves as a protective measure against unauthorized access and attacks against the Nomfro Technologies’ infrastructure.


To safeguard your legitimate interests in Internet safety, Nomfro Technologies performs back- ups to protect you from data-loss. In this process, all files and their contents are saved on the Nomfro Technologies’ and partner’s’ backup servers.


Please inform any joint users of your Nomfro Technologies account (e.g. employees or relatives) of this processing of their data, for example by referring them to this Data Protection Policy. We advices that you do not give any consent unless all joint users of your account agree to it.


All personal data used; your basic data, purchased products, e-mail traffic and purchase date shall be automatically stored in our ticket sys- tem for 10 years. This period is necessary for the enforcement of legal claims.

As soon as  the contract has ended, all invoicing information from the contractual relationship shall be stored until the statutory retention period for tax purposes (7 years) has expired.

If you call us, your phone number will be stored in the log files and anonymised after 8 weeks. All Logs from e-mail, live chats, traffic data logs, and access logs collected during your visits to our website will also be deleted after 8 weeks.

The payment methods selected by you (credit cards etc.) will likewise be deleted 8 weeks at the latest after you have removed them in the dashboard.

If you purchase an SSL certificate, Nomfro Technologies will delete the certificate, including all the personal data contained in it, 4 weeks after the certificate has expired.

Cloudflare account data you linked will be erased upon deactivation.

Where a domain transaction has been carried out with a domain contact (e.g. change of owner, registration, etc.), historical data will only be erased after the statutory retention obligations (e.g. compensation claims) have been met.

Nomfro Technologies will perform precautionary backups of all systems to ensure the safety of your data. For technical reasons, the backups will be deleted six months at the latest after the source data has been erased.