How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Social media is a necessary marketing tool for businesses that wants to reach more people and remain visible on the internet. According to a a research published on Statista, 88% of marketers say that social media has helped increase brand awareness and traffic at 77%. This means that if your business is not using social media to its fullest, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

The problem is that getting started can be difficult, and even something as seemingly simple as choosing a social platform can be more complicated than you’d ever imagined. There are many social platforms out there but choosing your channels and creating a strategy that fits your business can be daunting. The good news is that you can start by narrowing it down to the most popular and widely used social media platforms that have the right audience for your business. To help you choose the right social media platform for your business, follow these tips;

Identify your audience
The first thing to do is to identify who your audience. Be specific as possible, since it will make your decision easier. Write down the answers to the following questions:

Who is your primary customer?
Where do they live?
How old are they?
Are they male or female?
What is their income and education level?
What are they interested in outside of your product and service?

Define your goals
Once you identified your audience, you need to define goals for that audience. As a business owner, your primary goal will likely be to increase sales by attracting customers-yet, there are other creative goals for social media. While some businesses use social media to increase brand awareness and to develop friendly relationships with potential customers, others use social media for customer support.

Find your audience
Now that you have your audience profiled and your goals defined, it’s time to find your audience. To do this, you’re going to determine which platform your audience uses by looking at the demographics of the users on each network. You’ll also want to consider how active your audience is on that platform. For example, while young Facebook users may have profiles, they’re more active on TikTok. Besides demographics and engagement, you’ll also want to look at how individuals use the social media networks.

Identify the right Audience for Your Content
Different types of content work best with certain networks, so it’s important that you consider carefully the type of content you like to create. Instagram, for instance, is all about visuals, so it may not be the right channel to share long-form content like articles. The type of content you create will depend on several things, including your industry, your brand, and your target audience. Need help developing social media marketing strategy or creating and managing accounts for your business? Learn More or Request Quest Now

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