Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

Understanding the importance of choosing the right web hosting company is just as important as that breakthrough business idea, as important as the website, and just as important as your content. This fact has been ignored as many business owners do not thoroughly investigate the best option available.

Choosing a web hosting company based on a tip, whim or something like price alone can be very detrimental and have a negative effect on your website and  in return, your business as a whole. You need to understand your business needs and research on the perfect web host for it.

Here are some tips on choosing the right web hosting company that will help you understand your website requirements.

Identify your needs: It is critical you understand and clearly identify your web hosting needs. That includes identifying what kind of website you are operating? What platform to use? Do you need special software to code your site? How much traffic are you expecting? What is the plan for the next year? These questions help you get a better understanding of the fundamental requirement for the web hosting.

Server operating system: On the list of important things is having a 24/7 operating web host that is reliable with a minimum of 99%up-time, after all you expect your site to be clicked on from any and every part of the world regardless of time zone. You’ll need a web host that is stable in terms of network connections and in terms of their server as well.

Anything below 99%, even for shared hosting is unacceptable. You can obtain web host up-time information by reading reviews or alternatively, you can simply track your web host with server monitoring tools. Learn about NomfroHost Datacenter & Network Details.

Disk space, Bandwidth and Account restrictions: Put into consideration the amount of expected traffic to be generated and figure out the web host with the best bandwidth offer, also known s the amount of bytes downloaded from your site to visitors. Compare View and Compare NomfroHost Plans Here

Read the company’s terms of service to get a clearer definition of the limits they impose or lack thereof for limited or unlimited hosting services. Is the web hosting company transparent? Are their restriction and limitation policy clear? Be wary of unlimited offers.

Web site security. There are certain facts of life, like your computer crashing, or your equipment failing, or even someone hacking your system, which can be out of your control. Whether you have a personal site such as a blog, a small scale, or especially a large scale business, security is paramount. Identify how their back-up system operates, how often the host back-up its server, what methods they use and where the back-up is stored. You and your business should endeavor to back-up your data but it is a great plus to see you can trust your web host to have your data backed-up and should be able to restore your site, if not everything, a huge chunk of it at least, rendering a form of security. Read NomfroHost Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Plans

User Interface/ Control Panel. Get a web host with a user friendly based control panel which allows easy manage of your website. Find out if the web hosting company use cPanel or Plesk.  Compare NomfroHost cPanel Hosting Plans and Plesk Hosting Plans

Cost: Draw up a budget for how much you are willing to spend on a web host keeping in consideration the signup and renewal price. Usually the signup price is lower than the renewal price so research to know which is best for you and also be sure you can maintain it. Also bear in mind that cheaper isn’t  better some web host that are cheap end up being slow, having little disk space and band width etc.

Depending on your needs, you have to put into consideration their refund policy and free trial period as some web hosting companies have cancellation charges or extra fees.

Speed: No one wants a slow web site. Customers will get frustrated and leave your site causing your business to suffer a great loss. Soon customers will stop visiting the site which is very bad for business. A fast website means more leads and in turn more sales and a better user experience, happy customers, more recommendation and shares.

Your website speed also affects how Google and other search engines rank you in search results.

Check out reviews: Refer to reputable websites when conducting research on the reliability and reputation of the web hosting companyTestimonials are important as they are a great form of recommendation. Go online and read reviews about the web hosting company that you are considering to host your website. READ NOMFROHOST CUSTOMERS REVIEWS

Check out their telephone support or if they have a live chat platform and ask questions until you are satisfied.


 Your web host provides a virtual storefront for your business, so you should carefully select your web hosting company as you would a physical store or office location.

At Nomfro Technologies, we have a team of web hosting geeks behind our servers to make web hosting company selection process easier and transparent.`

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