There are so many benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

More than ever before, employees are now working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent research, over 5 million employees work from home in the United States alone at least half the week.

That indicates 173% increase in the number of employees working remotely since 2005 and it starting to accelerate even faster between 2020 and 2021 due to the second wave of the pandemic.

Another research by Stanford University stated some of the benefits of remote work include an increased sense of Autonomy, higher productivity, and increased job satisfaction.

For businesses still considering whether to continue remote work post-pandemic, here are some of the biggest advantages of hiring remote workers.

1. It reduces office costs
You scale back the office costs of furniture, bills, cleaners and office supplies, and tend to see fewer sick, which can cost a fortune. A research by Glassdoor revealed that 30% would trade pay raises for the option to work remotely.

2. Access to a wider talent pool
Hiring remote employees enables you to hire more talented individuals from any parts of the world. This is far better than office employees which limits you to the talent you can source within the local area where the office is located or you have to pay relocation expenses.

3. Increase Productivity
One of the biggest advantage of working from home is that is flexible and the ability to work from any location. A research by Global Workplace Analytics found that teleworkers were 20-25% more productive than office-based employees.

4. Increases Employee Retention
The cost of replacing an employee can be colossal. Recruiting and training new employees involves a ton of time and resources, so you want to be sure that new employees will actually stick around. Remote work goes a huge way to improve this – research shows that 95% of organizations report that working from home has a big positive effect on employee retention – not surprising considering two-thirds of workers say they’d take a new job if it had a better commute!

5. Saves Time for Employees
Employees have a higher quality of life cutting out the long commutes to and from work.

6. Environmentally Friendly
This is simple, the more people that work from home reduces the amount cars are on the road and the less pollution that occurs. An Environmental Research suggests that if employees with remote-compatible jobs worked from home even half the time, annually our environment would be less polluted. Looking for Technical Support? Check Our Packages Here