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Nomfro Technologies’ Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project (NTEEP 2022)

Nomfro Technologies’ Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project (NTEEP2022) is a project by Nomfro Technologies that seeks to identify and support innovative startups whose activities can create solutions and employment in Africa.

The project provides African startups access to free business websites or e-commerce websites and digital marketing strategies that make SMEs more robust online.

In this ‘new normal’, consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to purchase goods and services. With the second wave of the pandemic and the possibility of more infections and lockdowns on the horizon, both new and current SMEs in the internet space need to make their businesses as resilient as possible very quickly.

So far, the project has empowered more than 200 African startups with over $500 worth of credit each in our first edition last year. In the second edition, 500 start ups will once again be given the opportunity to build their online presence. The credit given will be used to cover costs of business websites or e-commerce website development and mentorship program for participants.


In order to qualify for this funding, The following criteria have to be met:

* Your business must be operating in Africa

* The startup is in idea-stage or early-stage

* Can demonstrate the potential for future scale


Startups are invited to join by completing the application form by 22 August, 2021.

NTEEP team will connect to with you directly to learn more about your business needs and complete on-boarding.

Date & Time for the online session will start from 24th January to 24th February, 2022 .

Regular updates on NTEEP-2022 events, training and opportunities will be shared to the community.

Registration is completely free. APPLY NOW

How to start affiliate marketing

Just like any other business, it takes dedication and discipline to become a successful affiliate marketer. This article introduces step-by-step guide to start your affiliate marketing business.

Choose Your Platform and Method
The first step is to decide on the platform you want to build your audience around. Every affiliate marketer has a different approach and platform. There are many affiliate marketing ideas you can choose from based on different methods:

Products & Services Review Websites.
These are websites that review products and services for a specific audience or compare a line of products against their competitors. This method requires you to create content related to the review space and post regularly to draw in an audience.

Digital Content Creators.
Digital content creators include bloggers, YouTubers, or social media influencers. They create niche content that resonates with a target audience. The goal is to organically introduce niche products their audience will enjoy. This increases the chances they’ll buy and you’ll earn an affiliate commission.

There are so many methods, no matter which route you take, authenticity and audience building are the two most crucial elements for affiliate marketing.

If you cannot authentically connect with your audience, chances are you won’t have success in converting them into affiliate sales.
Starting with a marketing platform you’re comfortable with helps you create high-quality content. This can result in a stronger, more engaged audience you can turn into sales.

How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing
When it comes to how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing, aim for something you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. This helps you come across as authentic and as a trusted source of information for potential customers. It also helps you evaluate which products and brands you want to promote.

Say, for example, you started a blog about about web hosting companies. You or someone you know once had bad experience with a hosting company so you’re passionate about helping other to choose the right hosting company.

You create a blog called Compare Hosting, and you regularly post and encourage people to subscribe to an email list and share your content.

As you post more, you can use affiliate marketing tools like social listening tools, website analytics, and social media insights to discover who your audience is and what they like.

It’s important you know your audience so well, that you understand why they follow you in the first place.
Remember, you’re not paid to post. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based online business. If you know what your audience likes, you can then refer the best products to them and earn more affiliate income.

Find your products
To earn revenue as an affiliate marketer, your audience needs to connect with what you’re saying. The items or services you promote need to be products they genuinely need. Getting this wrong can hinder your success and diminish your credibility—as well as your audience.

If you’re curious where to look for products or brands to work with, don’t worry you can join our AFFILIATE MARKETING HERE or any of the following:
Nomfro Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Future
CJ Affiliate


How to Start an Online Business

Identity a Problem you can Solve.
Most entrepreneurs failed because they start looking for a product and market.
The first step towards starting your online business is to find a group of people who are searching for a solution to a problem, but not finding many results. The internet makes this kind of market research easy these days. There a so many ways to research online for example; visit online forums to see what questions people ask and what problems they’re trying to solve.
Check out your potential competitors by visiting their online social media pages or websites and taking note of what they’re doing to fill the demand. Then you can use what you’ve learned and create a product for a market that already exists — and do it better than the competition.

Write Copy that Sells.
There’s a proven sales copy formula that takes visitors through the selling process from the moment they arrive to the moment they make a purchase:

Arouse interest with a compelling headline.
Describe the problem your product solves.
Establish your credibility as a solver of this problem.
Add testimonials from people who have used your product.
Talk about the product and how it benefits the user.
Make an offer.
Make a strong guarantee.
Create urgency.
Ask for the sale.
Throughout your copy, you need to focus on how your product or service is uniquely able to solve people’s problems or make their lives better. Think like a customer and ask “What’s in it for me?”

Social Media and Website.
Once you’ve got your market and product, and you’ve nailed down your selling process, now you’re ready for your web design and social media pages. Remember to keep it simple your website clean and simple. You have fewer than five seconds to grab someone’s attention — otherwise, they’re gone, never to be seen again. Some important tips to keep in mind:
Your website is your online storefront, so make it customer-friendly. Need help developing your business website? HIRE AN EXPERT NOW

Drive Traffic To your Website through Search Engines .
Pay-per-click advertising is the easiest way to get traffic to a brand-new site. It has two advantages over waiting for the traffic to come to you organically. First, PPC ads show up on the search pages immediately, and second, PPC ads allow you to test different keywords, as well as headlines, prices and selling approaches. Not only do you get immediate traffic, but you can also use PPC ads to discover your best, highest-converting keywords. Then you can distribute the keywords throughout your site in your copy and code, which will help your rankings in the organic search results. Our press release SEO Rocket packages can also help you achieve same result for your new website. VIEW PRICE HERE

Low-Cost Online Business Ideas to Start in 2022

Low-Cost Business Ideas to Start in 2022

Starting and maintaining an internet based business most certainly has its allure, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. To be honest, starting a business of any kind requires commitment and hard work. While some may think of online business as a get-rich-quick scheme, business principles still apply.

This isn’t about some magical life-changing trick. Starting an online business doesn’t work that way. Instead, to help you find the best small online business ideas that work and drive profits, we’ve put together simple steps to help you start and maintain an online business.

Start Dropshipping Store
Dropshipping is one of the best online startup ideas for entrepreneurs on budget. You can easily start running your online store by sourcing a pre-existing product from suppliers from anywhere and having them take care of things like packaging and fulfillment of orders.

Why dropshipping?
You don’t need to own or stock products in a physical location, meaning that your cash flow won’t get tied up in inventory. There’s less of an upfront cash risk because dropshipping does not require investment in inventories upfront.
Whenever customer purchase on your website, you place an order with a third party and they handle the rest of the process for you. Since you don’t have to deal with things like tracking inventory or mailing packages, dropshipping eliminates a lot of potential headaches.

No warehouse means you can run your business from anywhere. Whether it’s your living room or the café down the street, you decide where you want to work from.
If you’re interested in dropshipping and need help starting your dropshipping business Contact Us Now

Sell your skills online
Whether you’re a carpenter, mechanic, painter, photographer, or electrician, with these skills, there are plenty of ways to convert your latest masterpiece into a source of revenue with a beautifully designed ecommerce website.

If painting or photography is your calling, you can sell your art as prints, canvases, and framed posters by creating your own website or on third-party marketplace.
This is the best and fastest way to turn your skill into something tangible that people can take home and integrate into their space.
As an artist, creating art is a way of life. This is the best way to turn your passion into an income stream and potentially do what you love.
Ready to bring your online store idea to life? Get-In-Touch

Online course
One of the new online business concepts when it comes to education, you can create virtual courses to sell online. Teaching an online course is a low-investment business idea for generating passive income. All you need to do is put together a text, audio or video walkthrough explaining a subject you’re familiar with and then host it on eLearning marketplace or your own personal website.

Although it requires effort up front, if you manage to design a popular, high-value video tutorial series, you would make money on an ongoing basis as people continue to enroll in your course.

To start creating your first online course, brainstorm a topic that you know well enough to teach someone how to do from scratch. This can be literally anything—music production, social media marketing, web development, you name it.

Writers, developers, and graphic designers can start a business based on their talents. As a freelancer, you’ll be able to put your skills to good use by helping people across the world with their projects (while making money for yourself, of course).

To find people that need your help, try freelancing marketplaces, like Upwork and Fiverr. More Business Ideas

Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2022

At the point when it appears to be that social media rule the Internet, you may ask yourself, “Do I really need a website for my business?” The appropriate response is indeed, and I’m here to explain to you why.

One of the most significant and frequently asked questions by many is;
“My business is small, not multiple workers, and I sell nothing on the web. Do I really need a website?”
The response to this question is, yes.
Your business ought to have a website. Assuming you don’t have one, you’re losing business to others that do have one.

Likewise, don’t immediately reach a resolution that your products or services can’t be sold on the web. A large number of customers are on the internet, buying everything from books to land to petroleum gas. You would have just started to envision it; however, somebody might have effectively figured out some ways to sell it on the web.

On the off chance that you’re not persuaded at this point, and you’re interested with regards to the benefits of having a website over social media profiles, read on! The following are extreme justifications for why your business needs a website in 2022.

Establish Brand Awareness
Your digital storefront is currently almost everything you can offer, so your website is most likely your sole source of brand representation. This makes it a key component in the survival of your business during these hard times.
Throughout the pandemic, many businesses had to temporarily close their stores to keep their staff and customers safe. However, even if your business is still closed, it’s important to remember that the internet is open 24/7. Just because shoppers may no longer be able to walk into your store to make a purchase, it doesn’t mean that demand has dropped or they’ve stopped shopping altogether, they’ve just found a new way to do so on the internet.

Reach Wider Audience
Having a website makes it possible for anyone in the world to find your business online. If you have a product or service that can be easily sold online you can dramatically increase your customer base by selling to customers that are outside the geographic reach of your marketing efforts.

93% Of Business Purchase Decisions Start with A Search Engine Search of Websites
Doing business in 2022 and the lives of our people have been digitized post pandemic. Before your potential buyers bother to visit your physical location, they first research it convenient online and check what your company or brand has to offer them.
To gain new buyers you need to understand where your potential customers go when they are searching suppliers, research suppliers and make a purchase. In today’s new normal, most people in most markets go to the internet, using search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
With 93% of business decisions starting with online search that means if you don’t have a website, you are only selling to 7% of your market. That is right, you are reducing the potential size of your business by 93%.
Get a website that will be search engine optimized and designed to drive sales. REQUEST QUOTE

Lasting Value
The most important part about a website is that once you invest in a website, you have it there for as long as you renew your hosting and domain name. When you pay for a newspaper advertisement you get that one-off ad and any benefits that one ad generates but after that it is done. Money spent on the ad is gone and you can never get it back. If you don’t get ROI from it, you never can. same is applicable to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, a Yellow Pages listing, magazine ads etc. Where as with a website, if you don’t make a positive Return On Investment immediately, no worries because you have from now until the no end to get a return on your investment. Have a website that will be search engine optimized and designed to drive sales. LEARN MORE

What you need to know before investing in mobile apps

As you know, market for new applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile heats up, more and more brand are turning most of their attention and investment towards that “next large mobile app thought”.

Business thought
If you have really a good mobile application idea, then you should first do research about it. If another application similar to your idea already exists, determine how you can differentiate and improve your thought. Understand if the application you plan to develop is needed. Apart from validating your concept, measure whether developing that application is a good fit for your business plan of action, direction, and if you will be able to recoup the investment to develop this application.

Target Audience
Whether you are developing applications for your own commercial use, used by other businesses, or used by several consumers, you should have an perceptive of who is your target audience. This will help in creating design and tech decisions for your application. If you are targeting a global market audience, you may also need to view making your mobile application multilingual.

Selection of Latest Technology
With a mobile client applications, it is difficult to sell an application that can run across all mobile platforms, as you know almost all mobile applications are different and run only those applications which are developed on special profession. So if you develop an iPhone application, you cannot run the same application on another platform like Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile platforms. So it is important that you start thinking about your applications and select a appropriate mobile program before starting. If your plan includes developing applications for double mobile platforms, make sure you properly architect your application to minimize initial and ongoing development efforts and costs. Most importantly, find if you really need to develop a mobile customer application that is platform special web application that is more universal and can run on all smart phones.

When a lot of businesses are trying to tap into the emerging mobile application market, it is most important that you go ahead with your mobile development project in a timely,or else your competitors can steal your ideas and you Can leave behind and quickly tap on your potential customer base. When it comes to launching a mobile application, the right time is necessary for maximum ROI.

Like any other product, you need to assure that the price is right for your mobile application that are decide by you. Do research on the cost of your app and your competitors app and it is also necessary to research how many users are like your app in the market. Consider offering your mobile application for free or at a discounted price for a short period of time to attract more buyers.

After you launch your application, it is necessary to broadcast it. And improving its clarity to its target audience is important. Without marketing efforts, your application may be interred at the bottom of a pile of thousands of other applications that harm its revenue potential. You should broadcast your application on social media sites and search engines, and offering it for free for a little period of time should help addition your user base. Listen to the feedback application to ensure that users will be involved in your future development plan. Ready to launch your mobile app? Get Quote Now

Choosing the right software development Company

The software development industry is considered one of the vast and highly flourished working sectors because almost every person or business owner has some link with it. Moreover, this is the only reason you will find many software consulting services that are there to help you out in any software development related works.

But these vast number of software development companies are leading to one big problem, which is, users are unable to select the most appropriate option for themselves. In case if you are one of those people, then do follow this post till the end, as here we are going to have a look at some of the most useful tips that will help you to figure out the best software development company option for you.

Here are some tips for choosing the right software consulting company:

Technical availability

The first thing you need to look for when choosing a software development company is its technical availability. Under which you need to check out its technical team and what sort of expertise they have in their team, based on which you would be able to know what kind of services you can get from that company.

Consider software development companies that provide services using the latest technology and software integrations.

Work policies:

Always read carefully business policy of a software development company before making decision on whether to hire them or not. Make sure you get services from those companies who have transparent work policies, as, with the help of such business policies, you would be aware of what’s happening regarding your project.

Business logic:

 During finalizing your project with a software development company, carefully read the company’s business logic and idea on how they would fulfill your demands and project requirements.


 Having a look at the reviews of a software development company is the most important step. With the help of online reviews sites such as trust pilot, you would be able to look at the work experiences of a company’s previous users and clients.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

Understanding the importance of choosing the right web hosting company is just as important as that breakthrough business idea, as important as the website, and just as important as your content. This fact has been ignored as many business owners do not thoroughly investigate the best option available.

Choosing a web hosting company based on a tip, whim or something like price alone can be very detrimental and have a negative effect on your website and  in return, your business as a whole. You need to understand your business needs and research on the perfect web host for it.

Here are some tips on choosing the right web hosting company that will help you understand your website requirements.

Identify your needs: It is critical you understand and clearly identify your web hosting needs. That includes identifying what kind of website you are operating? What platform to use? Do you need special software to code your site? How much traffic are you expecting? What is the plan for the next year? These questions help you get a better understanding of the fundamental requirement for the web hosting.

Server operating system: On the list of important things is having a 24/7 operating web host that is reliable with a minimum of 99%up-time, after all you expect your site to be clicked on from any and every part of the world regardless of time zone. You’ll need a web host that is stable in terms of network connections and in terms of their server as well.

Anything below 99%, even for shared hosting is unacceptable. You can obtain web host up-time information by reading reviews or alternatively, you can simply track your web host with server monitoring tools. Learn about NomfroHost Datacenter & Network Details.

Disk space, Bandwidth and Account restrictions: Put into consideration the amount of expected traffic to be generated and figure out the web host with the best bandwidth offer, also known s the amount of bytes downloaded from your site to visitors. Compare View and Compare NomfroHost Plans Here

Read the company’s terms of service to get a clearer definition of the limits they impose or lack thereof for limited or unlimited hosting services. Is the web hosting company transparent? Are their restriction and limitation policy clear? Be wary of unlimited offers.

Web site security. There are certain facts of life, like your computer crashing, or your equipment failing, or even someone hacking your system, which can be out of your control. Whether you have a personal site such as a blog, a small scale, or especially a large scale business, security is paramount. Identify how their back-up system operates, how often the host back-up its server, what methods they use and where the back-up is stored. You and your business should endeavor to back-up your data but it is a great plus to see you can trust your web host to have your data backed-up and should be able to restore your site, if not everything, a huge chunk of it at least, rendering a form of security. Read NomfroHost Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Plans

User Interface/ Control Panel. Get a web host with a user friendly based control panel which allows easy manage of your website. Find out if the web hosting company use cPanel or Plesk.  Compare NomfroHost cPanel Hosting Plans and Plesk Hosting Plans

Cost: Draw up a budget for how much you are willing to spend on a web host keeping in consideration the signup and renewal price. Usually the signup price is lower than the renewal price so research to know which is best for you and also be sure you can maintain it. Also bear in mind that cheaper isn’t  better some web host that are cheap end up being slow, having little disk space and band width etc.

Depending on your needs, you have to put into consideration their refund policy and free trial period as some web hosting companies have cancellation charges or extra fees.

Speed: No one wants a slow web site. Customers will get frustrated and leave your site causing your business to suffer a great loss. Soon customers will stop visiting the site which is very bad for business. A fast website means more leads and in turn more sales and a better user experience, happy customers, more recommendation and shares.

Your website speed also affects how Google and other search engines rank you in search results.

Check out reviews: Refer to reputable websites when conducting research on the reliability and reputation of the web hosting companyTestimonials are important as they are a great form of recommendation. Go online and read reviews about the web hosting company that you are considering to host your website. READ NOMFROHOST CUSTOMERS REVIEWS

Check out their telephone support or if they have a live chat platform and ask questions until you are satisfied.


 Your web host provides a virtual storefront for your business, so you should carefully select your web hosting company as you would a physical store or office location.

At Nomfro Technologies, we have a team of web hosting geeks behind our servers to make web hosting company selection process easier and transparent.`

Benefits Of Hiring Remote Workers

Benefits Of Hiring Remote Workers

There are so many benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

More than ever before, employees are now working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent research, over 5 million employees work from home in the United States alone at least half the week.

That indicates 173% increase in the number of employees working remotely since 2005 and it starting to accelerate even faster between 2020 and 2021 due to the second wave of the pandemic.

Another research by Stanford University stated some of the benefits of remote work include an increased sense of Autonomy, higher productivity, and increased job satisfaction.

For businesses still considering whether to continue remote work post-pandemic, here are some of the biggest advantages of hiring remote workers.

1. It reduces office costs
You scale back the office costs of furniture, bills, cleaners and office supplies, and tend to see fewer sick, which can cost a fortune. A research by Glassdoor revealed that 30% would trade pay raises for the option to work remotely.

2. Access to a wider talent pool
Hiring remote employees enables you to hire more talented individuals from any parts of the world. This is far better than office employees which limits you to the talent you can source within the local area where the office is located or you have to pay relocation expenses.

3. Increase Productivity
One of the biggest advantage of working from home is that is flexible and the ability to work from any location. A research by Global Workplace Analytics found that teleworkers were 20-25% more productive than office-based employees.

4. Increases Employee Retention
The cost of replacing an employee can be colossal. Recruiting and training new employees involves a ton of time and resources, so you want to be sure that new employees will actually stick around. Remote work goes a huge way to improve this – research shows that 95% of organizations report that working from home has a big positive effect on employee retention – not surprising considering two-thirds of workers say they’d take a new job if it had a better commute!

5. Saves Time for Employees
Employees have a higher quality of life cutting out the long commutes to and from work.

6. Environmentally Friendly
This is simple, the more people that work from home reduces the amount cars are on the road and the less pollution that occurs. An Environmental Research suggests that if employees with remote-compatible jobs worked from home even half the time, annually our environment would be less polluted. Looking for Technical Support? Check Our Packages Here

Choosing a website development company

Starting your first website project can be a frustrating proposition without giving proper due diligence to the selection of a web development company. And that can have long term consequences.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a website development company for website project.

Decide what type of website you need.
It may sound obvious, but not all websites are created equal. Amazon is a website. But it’s powered by billions of dollars in infrastructure with multiple data centers around the world. Facebook and Google? like that.

Do you want to sell products online?
Well you need an eCommerce. E-commerce store brings several logistical and technological challenges, the web development company you hire should have experience working in this space and have an e-commerce solution that will scale with the growth of your business — and provide support for the inevitable glitches that may occur along the way.

For many small businesses that provide professional services, the primary goal of a website is to increase brand awareness and build trust, share, share, and turn visitors into leads. There are hundreds of website development companies out there that can do this easily, but there are a few important things to consider such as the type of content management and where your site will be hosted. These key factors can have a significant impact on the day-to-day management of the website.

Determine your compatibility.
When you hire a website development company, you hire a technology partner. These partners will be a part of your business for many years to come if you are satisfied with their services.

Putting a little time ahead can save you a lot of money on your business and, most importantly, a lot of time. Moving a website from one developer to another can be expensive and time consuming.
Find out who to hire for long-term relationships. The effectiveness and efficiency of their work is the deciding factor, but find out how valuable they are, how they work and how they take care of their clients’ jobs by checking customers reviews from reliable sources. See Nomfro Technologies Customers Reviews Here

Determine the level of support you need.
Support comes in many forms, such as helping with setting up your email or helping someone reset their password. Website support service helps you to update your site regularly, feature or element was left unconsidered prior to website release.

A good website development company will provide you with the training and basic tools to add or updated content, add new pages and text, and make minor changes on your website. For new features, you may have to rely on technology partners. Most website development companies have regular support.

Factor in all the costs.
The cost of building and maintaining a website varies from free, fixed to hourly.
In addition to the initial design and construction costs, there are ongoing charges and fees that should be understood prior to signing the contract with technical partner. View Nomfro Technologies’ eCommerce price list Here or Request Price for other Websites Here.

Web Hosting
It may be tempting, but this is one area you don’t want slack. Usually you only get what you pay for, which means fast or slow website and most importantly uptime for your site. You want the site to be available at all times, not just temporarily. Consider hosting features before costs. See NomfroHost Litespeed Powered Hosting Plans here. Use Promo Code HOW2CUS50% to save 50% off.

Regular support
Some web development companies include a certain level of support in their development packages for free, while other charge time and materials for any change. It’s important to understand that you will make changes to your website and there is likely to be a cost. It’s better to understand and plan for those costs on the front side.

In conclusion, a good web development company should have the technical experience and understands the importance of how social media and search engines display information from websites.
There are no specific instructions for website development, and each company works with a different business model. However, with some reliable information, you can cut the costs of building and maintaining your website.

Looking for a website development company for your website project? Look no further; Our website Design team has expertise in creating digital assets that engage customers by keeping everything under one roof;
we are able to offer clients a full service experience with their web project.